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Living S.I.M.P.L.E. with Love in Challenging Times

It may be due to COVID-19 that we are forced to change things in our lives. However, my hope is that we always remember to live S.I.M.P.L.E. with love. Read my text below for some ideas to keep you company in these days, and be in touch if there is any way I can be of support to you. We are all in this together. May you and your loved ones be safe and healthy.

warmly, maria

Close-up of a woman's feet on a pink carpet, toes painted in a cheerful pink, symbolizing the pleasure found in the simple, personal moments of care and expression.
Embrace the Simple Joys: A Touch of Pink in a World of Comfort

Times to be S.I.M.P.L.E. Love

S low down, clean and organize your home, throw away those papers that have been there forever, open up your space, make it feel warm, listen to the silence, take a nap, have a sun bath, meditate, sleep.

I nteract, first with those around you at home, get to know your roommate, enjoy your kids, make love with your partner, reveal your dreams, share your memories, cuddle. Then call your friend to catch up, let your parents know you love them, take care of those in need, say hi to your neighbor, smile to the stranger at the grocery store.

M ove, the way it most pleases you. Put music and dance, go for a walk, admire nature at a hike, bike to watch the sunset, do yoga, stretching, just roll over in your bed sheets, take a shower, massage your feet, paint your nails, caress your skin, breathe…..breathe…..breathe…..

P lay and create. Play with your child, play with your inner child, play with your roommate, play with your partner, do your hobby, explore with these art materials that may be around and you have hardly used, create your own crazy idea, learn that thing that you always wished to know, be curious, get bored.

L augh, read a novel or a comic book, tell a joke, watch a comedy or your favorite show, remember your most funny story, have a pillow fight, just tickle yourself if needed, but remember to laugh. You can be aware without being worried all the time. Trust life.

E at well and healthy, have an orange for vitamin C, drink plenty of water, make a warm tea with lemon and ginger to boost your immune system, take time to cook your meal with love, appreciate the colors and shapes when cutting, feel the water while washing the dishes, squeeze that dough, prepare and taste every bite of your delight.

Love, love, love. Let love in your heart by being grateful. Wake up and write 10 things you are grateful for now, for this life, for all that you already have, for every breath you take. Let the energy of love plan your day and guide your actions. Take care of your body-mind-soul and of nature. Be gentle, generous, compassionate. Create loving space for all parts of yourself and for others. Love yourself and others as they are, now more than ever.


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