Authentic Movement Ongoing Group

 for All Genders

Authentic Movement is a practice that needs to be lived in order to be comprehended. In the ongoing groups, though your experience is still individual, we all share the power of being together in community to find healing through movement.

We begin with a rediscovery of your physical self through a series of semi-guided, warmup explorations. 

We then progress to creating a space where you are free. Free to listen to your body, free to follow the guidance of your soul. In this space there are no rules, except those that you create; there is no obligation, except to yourself.

In the group sessions you are the mover and I am the witness, and there is a specific time for movement / stillness with the eyes closed.  After each exploration, there is additional time for the movers to use journaling, drawing, sound, clay, or movement with open eyes to integrate the experience, before we all come together and share in our final circle.

By participating in the group you will be able to find :

  • healing for your inner child

  • release from embodied wounds

  • connection with your higher self and true desires

Experience has shown that the major benefits of this practice come when being part of a committed group in which each mover is opening up themselves to a process. That is why your commitment to the entire or part of a cycle is required to be part of the group.

New members are required to join first a One-time Workshop or one Individual Session.

Explore Authentic Movement
Sep 29, 2021, 7:30 PM PDT
San Francisco

Authentic Movement Group - September 2021:

If you are interested to join the next Authentic Movement Group please contact me to register.

I plan to resume activities in the studio the week of September 20

Groups are limited to 8 participants.


Authentic Movement has been very freeing for me -

I love the feeling that I can do ANYTHING! I can explore something challenging, or just have fun. Grown-ups need play-time too! 

—  Julie, massage therapist

Authentic Movement Group ONLINE

 Wednesdays, June    02/09/16/23

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm, PDT

* Pre-registration is required
* Appropriate for all ages, genders, spiritual beliefs and physical characteristics. All are welcome as you are.