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maria lentzou, MFT

let go...


enjoy intimacy, playfulness....


The Authentic Movement SF sessions and events provide a safe space for you to connect with your body and express your Self. Maria warmly guides you through simple, though powerful, movement and creative  explorations

that encourage even the shiest part of you to relax and enter in a flow of wellbeing. Come to move freely, play, create, explore your feelings, rediscover and embrace the wholeness of who-you-really-are. In our time together you will be able to listen to your intuition, receive pure, raw inspiration, and trust your inner wisdom that guides you to fulfill your desires with more joy.

Nobody can teach us how to be authentic. We need to unlearn and rediscover who we truly are. And we need the space to do that. Authentic Movement is this kind of space. 


If you are looking:

•  to discover the best version of yourself

•  more meaning in your life

•  a better sense of peace within yourself

•  to explore what you have to offer in life


Then you are looking to enhance your connection with your Self, your essence, and express who you truly are. Authentic Movement has provided this for many people. Come and experience it for yourself!

About Authentic Movement