Authentic Movement Individual Sessions

Online and/or In Person


Online Processing sessions:

After a group session or a workshop there is not always enough time to individually process your movement/somatic experience.

In these online sessions that we can have over phone, facetime or skype I can help you process

your movement experience to enhance

your personal growth and healing.


You will gain a better understanding of its meaning, and how it relates to your life history, the moment you are now and what you are looking for.

Cost is $88 for 25 min sessions.

  • To better understand and make meaning

    25 min

    88 US dollars

As an Introductory Session:

Would you like to experience Authentic Movement and join a group but you cannot make it at the Introductory Workshop?

This individual session can help you understand if Authentic Movement is a good fit for you to reconnect with the wisdom of your body and your soul, to heal and enjoy a meaningful life, at the convenience of your schedule.

Cost is $155 for a 50min session, and if you decide to join a group afterwards, $55 is discounted from the total of the group cycle.