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Authentic Movement SF Individual Sessions

Based in San Francisco, California and Online

As Introductory Session
As healing process
  • Embrace your wounds. Fall in love with you again or for the 1st time.

    50 min
As a unique experience
  • Explore the depths of your psyche in your own freedom and unique way.

    1 hr 20 min
Online Processing
As complimentary to therapy
  • Are you feeling stuck in therapy? Let's explore and untie the knots.

    1 hr 20 min
Do you have Questions? 

I am happy to talk with you on the phone, for a free 15 min consultation to answer your questions and see which session is the best fit for you.

Text me or email me to coordinate a convenient time for both.

Individual Sessions _ Authentic Movement with maria Lentzou _ Authentic Movement SF _ San
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