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Discover Authentic Movement

An Introductory Session to Guide Your Journey

  • 50 minutes
  • Private Studio

Service Description

Interested in experiencing Authentic Movement and considering joining a group, but unable to attend the introductory 'Explore Authentic Movement Workshop'? This individual session, tailored to fit your schedule, offers a personal introduction to Authentic Movement. It's designed to help you determine if this practice aligns with your journey towards reconnecting with the wisdom of your body and soul, fostering healing, and leading a meaningful life. Experience Authentic Movement in a setting that respects your individual pace and preferences. This session provides a safe space for you to explore and understand how this practice can be a transformative tool in your personal development. Investment ~ $255 for a 50-minute, in person session. Plus, if you decide to join a group afterwards, you'll receive a $55 discount on the total cost of the group cycle.

Contact maria

+1 - 415 - 862 - 1656

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