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About Authentic Movement 


Authentic Movement was developed in the 1950s by dance therapist Mary Starks Whitehouse. It is a discipline rooted in Carl Jung's concept of active imagination, and incorporates movement to promote self-exploration and improved mental health. 


As an inner self-directed somatic practice, it is done with eyes closed, in silence and in the presence of at least one compassionate witness. 


Through mindful - bodyful listening, the mover follows inner impulses reawakening essential mind-body-soul wisdom and deepening empathy with self and others.

'Tree Woman': The feminine principles of Authentic Movement.

Mary Stark Whitehouse,
Founder of Authentic Movement.


Simple in its form, the practice of Authentic Movement can take you into journeys within the depths of your soul to heal inner wounds and awaken your creative impulse. Each encounter is an opportunity to be present and become aware, a safe space to discover and let who you are emerge ; there is a world within that is incredibly rich and waits to be acknowledged, explored and expressed. At the same time, this sacred time-space can become a doorway of connection with the unknown, the numinous.

By practicing Authentic Movement, you can progressively:


  • expand your curiosity and appreciation for the paradoxical nature of life, and create inner space for all your experiences, the pleasurable and the uncomfortable, to coexist in harmony

  • silence with compassion the inner critic voice and let yourself be inspired, to manifest your unique creative expression and feel enthusiasm in your life

  • avoid projections and become lovingly responsible for all of your aspects by accepting your flaws, owning your quirks, developing your strengths and taking care of your wounds

  • tolerate with faith the uncertainty of the unknown and trust the intuitive wisdom of your body that can guide the healing process and evolution of your soul

  • discover and express your authentic self, and at the same time, be wholeheartedly open and present with compassion for another person to do the same

Authentic Movement is a process in which you learn how to enjoy the journey of a plentiful life with love, respect, enthusiasm, healthy boundaries and compassion.

About Authentic Movement SF:

I have been practicing Authentic Movement since 2008. Using its principles in my everyday life, in my therapeutic work, and in my artistic expression has transformed positively my self-perception and the way I relate to others and the world. Authentic Movement SF is the creative expression of my own life’s journey where I integrate my learning from practicing Authentic Movement, and all the tools, knowledge and experiences that have supported me along my healing process that now I look forward to sharing with you and accompany your healing journey.

My mission in Authentic Movement SF  is to provide a safe space for you to explore your unique creative voice and fulfill your dreams, to heal your relationship to your inner child, to your femininity / masculinity and your body, as well as to reinvent ways to relate to each other with more love, respect, and compassion. 

The Authentic Movement SF activities, as a creative, healing and spiritual practice, are ideal to develop kinesthetic awareness, interpersonal skills, empathy and a sense of embodied presence. Healing in its nature,

Authentic Movement allows you to explore the relationship between the creative, psychological and sacred dimensions of your experience through bodily expression.




Authentic Movement

"Movement, to be experienced, has to be 'found' in the body,  not put on like a dress or a coat.  There is that in us which has moved from the very beginning.  It is that which can liberate us."

Mary Stark Whitehouse,
Founder of Authentic Movement.

Videos About Authentic Movement 

by Tina Stromsted, Ph.D.

by Tina Stromsted, Ph.D.

by Tina Stromsted, Ph.D.
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Dance/Movement Therapy: Authentic Movement

Dance/Movement Therapy: Authentic Movement

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Moving Towards Health: The Healing Power of Authentic Movement

Moving Towards Health: The Healing Power of Authentic Movement

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