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 Embody your Inner Love, Beauty, Joy & Wisdom 


Goddess Archetypes - Authentic Movement - Yoga - Expressive Arts

JULY 2 - 8, 2023  •  PAROS ISLAND, GREECE 




Why Join the Feminine Wholeness Retreat?

Are there times you feel confined, self-loathing, or soul-sick?

Does Social Media, societal expectations, and life, in general, get you feel uninspired, confused, or numb?

Would you like to worry less about your looks and whether you are good enough to enjoy more of life?

Do you often feel the need to reconnect with your body, your intuition and unravel your authentic self?

Are you tired of hearing that you’re either a vixen, a career woman, or a devoted homemaker?

When you know you could be all these and more…

Are you on a journey to (re)discover yourself, and need to do this in a free and supportive environment?

If you caught yourself nodding when reading the above, you’re in a soul-searching phase of your life, longing to increase your self-awareness and acceptance.

As women, we can feel incredibly disempowered by a lot of societal pressure. Often we have been conditioned to feel unworthy at some point. Modern life has estranged us from ourselves, making us constantly doubt and judge ourselves, or have one aspect of our personality dominate the other aspects. In order to love ourselves, we need to feel compassion for all aspects of ourselves. Compassion comes after acceptance, and acceptance only comes after self-awareness.

Have you ever thought that your character, behavior and needs may be influenced by powerful inner forces, such as archetypes? Have you ever wondered why some women are more independent than others?

Or why the same independent women, at some point in their lives, become very nurturing and giving?

All these questions and more will be addressed at the Feminine Wholeness Retreat in Paros, Greece.

Embody your Inner Love, Beauty, Joy & Wisdom

Discover your authentic self with the 7 Greek Goddess Archetypes

This one-of-its-kind retreat is an intimate 6-day gathering for 16 women who want to reconnect with their authentic selves through daily Authentic Movement, yoga, expressive arts, and embodied workshops with the Greek Goddess Archetypes. We will create a healing space to facilitate your own transformation by strengthening your connection to your body, to your essence, and to yourself as a woman. This retreat will support you to manifest a life full of well-being, gratitude, and love, as well as…

fall in love with yourself again or for the first time.

The Greek Goddesses Archetypes represent all aspects of the female psyche, both the light and the shadow. Each one can mirror different aspects of yourself, and may come to light at different stages of a your life.

The Archetypes of the Greek goddesses are helpful as spiritual guides to defining ourselves, our paths, and our place within our communities. Ultimately, they can reveal intimate truths about ourselves, which are key to self-knowledge and wholeness.

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The Best Part....


We get to experience this soul-awakening in Paros, one of the most iconic islands in the Cyclades in Greece. The location has been chosen with intention, since the Greek summer light and warm Mediterranean Sea can rejuvenate your body, invigorate your soul and help you embody the whole essence of your femininity.


This Retreat is For You To....

connect with your body and intuition 

discover, explore and express your authentic self

heal your relationship with your femininity and body

have a loving and supportive community of sisterhood

embrace your wholeness and all aspects of your female identity

deepen your love for yourself as the multifaceted woman that you are

welcome your inner beauty, joy and wisdom

enjoy life at its fullest


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Your Guide

Hello! I am maria and I am guide you through this journey of transformation. I have dedicated my life to uncovering and loving all parts of myself, healing my relationship to my femininity and my body, and to honoring my identity as a woman.

In our Retreat, I will be sharing the knowledge, tools, and experiences that helped my journey of transformation from low self-esteem, body hatred, depression and bulimia to falling in love with myself.

If I could do it, I know you can too.

Now is the time for your own


“Life presents us with repeated opportunities to face what we fear, what we need to become conscious of, or what we need to master. The path of becoming is not linear, and it’s never ending. It doesn’t have a goal nor a destiny. Let’s embrace continuous transformation. To die (symbolically) and be rebirth again, and again, and again."

Jean Shinoda Bolen - "Goddesses in Everywoman" 

The Feminine Wholeness Retreat Experience

Fall in Love with Your Self

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Every morning we start our day with a yin yoga practice to reground

into our essence.

Let the sounds of the Mediterranean sea expand your awareness and connect with your center.

After the workshops there is plenty of free time to enjoy the beach,

get to know the island of Paros, or relax by receiving a massage. 

Apollo yoga shala _ Female Rainbow Retre


Every day we have two workshops , each one dedicated to one of the Greek Goddesses. 

We read and reflect upon their myth to get familiar and inspired by their symbols and images.

By playing with a variety of art materials, such as drawing, collage and clay, you deepen your connection to their multifaceted qualities.

We use embodied explorations and Authentic Movement, creating a safe, non-judgemental space where you are free to move and listen to your body’s wisdom.


This way you open yourself to receive the insights and understandings that each archetype reveals for your healing and growth.

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What makes our Retreat home, Okreblue Seaside Yoga Retreat Center, even more special, are the organic home grown vegetables that are used for the delicious meals at Caretta restaurant-lounge (Okreblue’s restaurant).

Breakfast and lunch are included in your stay. For dinner you can choose to stay at Okreblue or visit a village for more traditional plates.

As a Greek myself, I can't brag enough about how tasty Greek flavors are. You definitely need to try the food at least once in your life.

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Our last day is dedicated to revisiting and integrating all moments of our journey together.

There is time to enter the creative flow and become the artists and directors of your lived experience.

You will be delighted by the love, beauty, joy, wisdom and creativity that is hidden in your soul, ready to guide your life in more plentiful and wholehearted ways.

Our sacred circle is the loving holding space that welcomes each one of the women to emerge and share their unique experience.

Together we celebrate our colorful, multifaceted female essence.

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Paros Island, Greece

Rejuvenate in the Mediterranean

Paros is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea best known for its beaches and Ms. Maria's traditional pastry. Combining modern with traditional elements in the most unique way, Paros is a mix of traditional Cycladic architecture, vivid nightlife, magical beaches, enchanting rural villages, and historical monuments. 

The Okreblue Seaside Yoga Retreat Center in Paros was created with love and care for like-minded people to gather, practice, and share yoga and other spiritual and self-exploratory practices. Coming to Okreblue you really get the essence of arriving at someone’s home. I personally visited Okreblue last summer to make sure you feel the warmth of true authentic Greek hospitality.

Have any questions?

Naousa, Paros _ Female Rainbow Retreat in Paros Island, Greece, 2020 with maria lentzou _

The Okreblue Seaside Yoga Retreat Center