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July 21-27,2024 - Paros, Greece

Welcome to the Feminine Wholeness Retreat Registration!

We're thrilled you're considering joining us for a transformative journey in Greece. To ensure a clear understanding of participating, we've prepared two versions of our Participant Agreement: a Simplified Overview for ease of understanding and a Formal Agreement for comprehensive details.

Step 1: Simplified Overview

Start here for an easy-to-read summary of our retreat's key terms and conditions. This overview is designed to help you quickly grasp the essential aspects of our agreement.

Read the Simplified Overview

Step 2: Formal Participant Agreement

After reviewing the Simplified Overview, please read our Formal Participant Agreement. This document contains all legal terms and conditions in detail, providing a comprehensive understanding of your participation.

Read the Formal Participant Agreement

Understanding Your Agreement

 ~ Why Two Versions? We provide a Simplified Overview to make the essence of our agreement accessible. The Formal Agreement, however, is the legally binding document that we ask you to read, ensuring you're fully informed about all aspects of your participation.

 ~ Your Comfort Is Key: We encourage you to review both versions. Understanding your rights and obligations is crucial for a fantastic retreat experience.

Finalizing Your Registration


Your Commitment Through Booking:

By booking your space for the Feminine Wholeness Retreat, you automatically agree to the terms outlined in both the Simplified Overview and the Formal Participant Agreement. This booking serves as your digital acknowledgment and acceptance of the agreement, functioning as your signature. It confirms your understanding and agreement to participate under these terms, ensuring a mutual commitment to the retreat's success.

Here’s How It Works:

  1. Review Carefully: Before booking your space, please review the Simplified Overview for an accessible summary and the Formal Participant Agreement for detailed terms and conditions.

  2. Booking Your Space: Once you’re ready and have understood all the terms,  book your space for the retreat through our website. This act of booking confirms your acceptance of all the terms within the agreement.

  3. Confirmation: After booking, you will receive a confirmation email summarizing the key points of the agreement and your commitment. Please keep this for your records.


Need Clarification?

We understand the importance of clarity and comfort in these agreements. Please contact us directly if you have any questions or need further clarification before booking. We’re here to ensure you feel fully informed and confident in your decision to join us.

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