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Finding Light in the Shadow of COVID-19: Personal Revelations and Growth

How are you? How do you spend your time and energy these days at home?

I would really like to hear from you and get to know what you enjoy and what challenges you the most.

On my end, I am privileged to have a home and steady income.

That has given me the opportunity to slow down and dedicate myself to self-reflection, connecting with loved ones and taking care of my home and myself as I have never had before.

Life’s little pleasures have recovered much relevance these times to compensate for moments of loneliness due to social distancing. I am already Whole.

I enjoy collecting street flowers when I go for my walks and cooking tasty, healthy recipes inspired by my Greek heritage.

I developed morning and evening rituals, of self-massage, exercise, gratitude and affirmations that help me start and end each day with optimism, regardless of the emotional waves that come and go throughout the weeks.

I paint and I meditate in my own manner, as there are many ways to listen to the silence and connect to our hearts to embrace our fears.

Below I share with you some of my revelations that came out of my process, and I hope they can inspire you and bring some ease in your days.

A captivating painting featuring personal revelations inscribed in gold letters, serving as a visual manifesto of the journey towards happiness and freedom.
Words of Gold: My Revelations Painted as a Testament to Personal Growth

I just deserve to be happy.

There is no void to fill just space to breathe and fly free.

Living is the meaning of Life.

Motivation is inspired by my heart.

Everyday I give myself permission to pleasure.

I just deserve to be with a companion in life.

How do you take care of yourself? What are you learning? May I support you in your process? It is an honor to help your growth. I hope you are well, and I would love to hear from you, your feelings, your thoughts, your concerns, your desires.

warmly, maria


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