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Unlocking Self-Discovery: The Benefits of Authentic Movement

An Authentic Movement group session facilitated by Maria, showcasing four participants in motion, with Maria witnessing. This image captures the essence of exploring inner wisdom and authentic self-expression in a supportive community setting.
Journey Together: Witnessing Authentic Movement

Next month I am heading to Argentina for the Authentic Movement Training Retreat led by my teacher, Karin Fleischer. I began my own healing journey with Authentic Movement in 2008, and my heart-mind-body-soul wants to keep this transformative practice alive for my continuous growth and to be able to provide for you a deeply nourishing space through the Authentic Movement SF activities.

Some of the benefits of Authentic Movement:

  • In the practice of Authentic Movement, we learn to trust our instincts, surrendering to the wisdom that resides within. We listen to the subtle whispers of our bodies, allowing them to guide us on a profound exploration of self.


  • Authentic Movement encourages us to embrace vulnerability, to release the judgments and expectations that bind us. It invites us to witness and honor our own unique journey, accepting ourselves unconditionally.


  • In the space of Authentic Movement, we find connection and resonance with others on similar journeys. We create a supportive community that encourages and holds space for each person's authentic expression.


  • Authentic Movement is a practice that allows us to explore the depths of our consciousness, diving into the vastness of our unconsciousness. It empowers us to embrace our true selves, to dance with authenticity, and to discover the profound wisdom that lies beneath the surface.


Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey of Authentic Movement?

In Authentic Movement SF workshops and activities, this is the space we create together.

Come join us, dive in and unlock the treasures that await within you!




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