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Embracing Beingness: The Art of Making Powerful Choices for Joy

I have to admit to you that I never watch the news.

It has been a conscious choice many years ago that has helped me stay calm and hopeful in the midst of anything. And with all that is happening now, I feel it’s even more necessary to do so.

Because to choose consciously actions that help us soothe and feel better and happy again, no matter what others may think about them or us, is a powerful choice.

Another example of what makes me happy at the moment is the fact that I enjoy quality time with friends with who we work together on creative projects.

In my own practice of Authentic Movement, my creativity reemerged. Throughout the years I have received powerful inspirations of stories that now are coming to life; on one hand as bilingual books for children and on the other as a huge interactive book on love and female sensuality.

A serene moment captured on the beach, myself lying with hair spread out, sparking inspiration for 'MarlaGran: The Girl who Wants to Live Creatively', during a retreat with my friend Claudia.
Captured in Creativity: A Moment of Inspiration on a Creative Retreat

This is a picture that my good friend Claudia took during our creative retreat. 

And though it was not its direct purpose, it inspired us in illustrating one of my stories,

'MarlaGran: The Girl who Wants to Live Creatively'.

These projects excite me so much, and focusing my attention on that which feels good, helps me move through life, in these weird times, with more ease; and as a result, other better-feeling ideas come to me.

Some nights the inspiration kicks in so strong that doesn’t let me sleep, unless it’s expressed. Below you can read an unedited reflection on the power of beingness, that expands a bit more on the idea that nothing external needs to change for us to be able to enjoy being alive now. There is so much freedom when you realize that, whatever the external circumstances, you always have the possibility to soothe and reach for a better feeling place. And my hope is that you frequently, give permission yourself, to follow impulses and make powerful choices that you know will help you feel good at this moment, no matter what others think or say.



A breathtaking sunset at a tranquil beach, its peaceful beauty serving as a muse for creativity and reflection, embodying the calm and inspiration found in nature's artistry.
Tranquility at Dusk: The Sunset That Colors Our Dreams

The Power of Beingness

There is so much freedom when you surrender the effort for achievement, or when you surrender any kind of effort, the effort in general. When you can let your mind clear from expectations, shoulds, needs to happen… Then you can just accept that everything is ok just as it is. This is the moment you breathe, and as soon as you breathe everything is ok And everything can be ok. If you let resistance go and you choose instead of paddling upstream, go with the flow of life downstream. When you trust that the universe is here to support you in every step, no struggle is needed, just surrender and trust. When you clear your mind from the shoulds and needs, then there is space for inspiration to come as long as you don’t neglect it, you don’t reject it, but you accept it as it comes; the most simple thing; and you just do what is that make you feel good at this moment, what is that make you feel happy; and trust that by doing so everything will fall into place and flow towards your dreams and desires, beingness. This is the power of beingness, here and now, when nothing needs to be done, when nothing needs to change for you to feel good, for you to be satisfied, for you to feel the joy of being alive.


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