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Joy in the Little Things: Cultivating Happiness Through Personal Choices

The last few months I have made another powerful choice; to follow my bliss as much as I can and everyday choose consciously to do small things that make me feel happy.

For that reason, the last month my mind is all into colors and designs as I am moving with the flow of the energy that has me painting and remodeling my home to make it even cozier.

I consider my home, the place I live in, no matter if I own it or rent it, as an extension of myself. And interestingly since I started taking care of my body to be healthy, receive pleasure through movement and rest, and be as clean as possible from toxins, now I have a stronger desire for my surroundings to be also uncluttered, nicely organized and pleasing to my eyes. I feel happily energized and the results affect positively the people I live with and anyone that comes into my space.

I see all this as another confirmation of the impact that personal choices can have to a communal wellbeing; just like the mandala ripples of a drop of water.

In the picture below, is a mandala stone painted dot by dot from my soul sister. It also reminds me of the ripples of water and has been the first addition to the transformation of my home. I know how happy she is when painting these mandalas and now its colors inspire me too every day to follow my bliss.

The loving things that we are inspired to do and make us feel truly happy cannot but expand this loving energy to our surroundings. And that is my wish and invitation for you too. To trust your heart and do what makes you feel happy, even if that at moments is doing no-thing.

Because better feeling people can make a loving world possible and the forces of the entire Universe are with us to support our quest.



An array of beautifully painted rocks with intricate mandala designs, each telling a story of joy and inspiration, gathered to inspire daily happiness.
A Symphony of Colors: Mandala Rocks Collection

Here are some more colorful inspirations from my soul sister and her artwork


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