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  • by maria

Celebrating the Gift of Life: A Birthday Ode to Love’s Enduring Presence

An old black and white photo capturing a tender moment as my parents hug and smile lovingly, symbolizing the enduring love that brought me into existence.
A Timeless Embrace: Celebrating the Love That Gave Me Life

Today is my birthday Today is the day I feel infinite gratitude to my mother and father For bringing me in life Today is the day I relive their mutual love No matter their current life circumstances Because they are divorced for many years now And they hardly talk to each other Which I don’t like much Though, after all, is none of my business What matters to me is that 38 years ago They were somehow imperfectly in love And today is the day I can celebrate this beautiful gift of being alive Though this gift was actually given the day of my conception Because conception precedes any birthday And conception is an alchemical process In their dance of unification, the egg and the sperm Both sacrifice themselves to create new life Have you ever thought that Conception is an act of absolute surrender to the unconditional love? That is why, no matter the circumstances of one’s conception Any conception is meant to give birth to love And every birthday is a happy birthday to love Once in this world Nobody and nothing can take this loving gift away from us No matter how and what We are all children of love Love is our essence This is why today and every day is a Happy birthday to love!

warmly, maria

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