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Experiencing Unconditional Love: A Moment of Pure Acceptance Unedited

A heart shape formed by leaves on the ground, symbolizing the natural, pure essence of love in the world around us.
Nature's Embrace: Finding Love in the Simplest Forms

Today I want to share with you a video that feels vulnerable.

I took it in a moment that I was able to experience in my heart pure love that was not attached to anything nor anyone. I had never felt any similar before, and spontaneously, I decided to just record myself, wanting to capture the magic of the feeling.

The video has no edits and is very slow, as I had no intention to produce something but to remember the moment.  Below I also include the script unedited; all the thoughts that were coming to my mind effortlessly as I was experiencing the feeling. All is just what is, the way I received it, and the way pure love is.

May your life be full of love!

warmly, maria

Love is an extreme acceptance of what is A deep gratitude of what is There is no need to change anything There is no need to fix anything There are no pretensions There is no need for more Love is

Love is now Love is what is What is, is perfect It’s only the fears that get into the way It’s only the mind that gets into the way Love is a complete surrender Of what I think I need Of what I think I am Of what I think I need to have Love is appreciation of what is with no judgement It’s just that Love is always Life is love Love is life Love is pain Love is flow Love, love Love is no attachments I don’t know if we humans can be loving like this all the time But we can definitely go back to our source whenever we need to Or whenever we feel lost Love is always now Present Through us In us We are from love We are love I am love Love is freedom Love is power Love is powerful Love is powerful Thank you, God, Thank you Thank you


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