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  • by maria

Rediscovering Love: A Poem on Its True Essence and Power

Image of a beautifully painted big pink heart, alive with a rich texture that seems to vibrate, symbolizing the deep and complex essence of love in its simplest form.
Vibrating with the Essence of Love: A Visual Symphony of the Heart's True Texture

In the month that anyone is commercially mandated to think about love, I want to share with you a poem that I wrote sometime ago.

May we always BE LOVE in life! 




Love does no harm

Love is simple And as such, needs to be easy. Everything else is not love It may have a different name anything between desire, infatuation, need, rejection, abuse but it’s not love Love has no expectations, nor pretensions

Love is humble Love is simple And as such, needs to be easy Love does no harm Love is safe Love is truth And I can be sad or angry because of love I can feel pain because of love Same way I can feel happy or grateful because of love And I can feel pleasure because of love But love does no harm Love is respectful And love can only heal Because we are love And loving takes us back to our essence Where we are whole and free Love has no words And it’s not an action Though it is revealed through words and actions Love is presence Love is a state of being Love is vibration and constant flow with no obstacles Like the deep breath Love is life And life is love Love always is And love always changes To honor the old To welcome the new To be open to the different Love never disappears But love can stretch, expand and deepen Love is strong unbreakable gold Love is vulnerable and soft The only key to the chains of any frozen heart Love does no harm Love is simple And as such, needs to be easy Love is the simplest mystery of life

Be your essence.

Be simple

Be love.

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