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Standing for Freedom: Upholding Our Right to Choose

I love life deeply and unconditionally. Wherever we may be, to be different or have a different stance from the mainstream is a challenge that pushes our growth as humanity. All minorities know that well, along with their longing to be validated equally for who they are. Women have been fighting long time for their right to decide for their own bodies. Today we’re facing a similar dilemma with our health choices. However, I am not looking to discuss the conflicting standpoints because I want to stay focused on the actual point of this letter. Today I want to stand for what I believe is a human right, and that is anyone’s right to determine freely what they put and don’t put in their bodies, keeping their equal rights and opportunities. Fear has been used many times as a weapon to abolish human rights and turn people against each other. Today, we can be wiser. Unconditional love for our fellow human beings and respect for diversity and inclusivity can always be our response.

A close-up image of an eagle in flight, wings fully spread, embodying the spirit of freedom and the power of soaring above limitations.
Soaring on Wings of Freedom

‘Liberal’ comes from the Latin 'liberalis', that originates from 'liber' that means ‘free’. However, to question today’s mandates, which I personally find unethical and unconstitutional, has to be beyond supporting any political party and our personal health choices.

For all these reasons, and in respect for human rights and freedom, the Authentic Movement SF activities will always be and stay inclusive to all.

May we all stand together to protect our human right to be free.



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