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Redefining Dominance: The Power of Supportive Roles

While throwing the garbage out, I got a deep cut in my ring finger’s knuckle.

Suddenly I find myself being unable to use my dominant hand that the last few weeks has painted almost my entire house. I try doing the same things with my left hand, but it seems unable to achieve anything. At first, I think yet again - ‘my left hand is useless’.

However soon, as I play around with both hands to help me understand how each functions, I receive a new insight. In reality my right, ‘dominant’ hand is mostly able to do well whatever it does only because my left, ‘non-dominant’ hand supports its actions in ways that my right hand has no idea how to do for my left hand.

And only now I realize that my left hand is the best, supportive, though almost invisible companion. Invisible, because I am not as aware of its actions. However, my left hand knows exactly how to grab, hold, move, receive so that the right hand can do what needs to be done, without me having to be intentional about it, and while paying attention mostly to the actions of my right hand.

All this makes me think of the cooperative components that are behind whatever we do. Those ‘invisible’ aspects, energies, factors, and people, that collaborate with our actions for our desires to come true.

We also all know the saying “Behind every great man is a great woman’. However, I do not want to have a conversation about gender. What I do want is to acknowledge the feminine principles of creation, intuition, receptivity, sensuality (felt sense rather than thinking sense) - all powerful principles that are not considered ‘dominant’- and make them more visible; the strength that exists in holding space, the wisdom you can receive in silence, the transformational act of listening with love.

An image capturing a circle of diverse hands placed on top of each other, symbolizing the collective strength, support, and unity that underpins true dominance through collaboration.
Unity in Support: Hands Together in Strength

I hope this reflection can break down, or at least create a crack, in our idea of what or who is ‘dominant’, to understand that nothing can really be done without collaboration and in that sense, we are all equally important, we are all essential, we are all dominant in diverse ways.



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