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Grow Happily Inside and be Contagious Outside!

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Today I want to share with you an inspiring quote that is present in my heart and I am still processing its deep meaning...

Reading this quote makes me confirm that a great purpose of our lives is to grow…not chronologically but in the expression of our unique selves; to discover and acknowledge our talents and abilities that can serve others. We are so unique that this is an incredible abundance of gifts. Can you imagine, how the world could be, if every one of us would put in action these talents and abilities?! When I do, it fills my heart with joy, gratitude and reverence. Because when we are committed to becoming who we are and doing what we love, our vibration is high and that affects everything around us. We can be more compassionate and respectful to others; the more we love ourselves for who we are, the more we can accept and encourage others to be who they are. And expressing our talents and abilities by doing what we love fills us with joy naturally; we can overcome difficulties with grace and we find the courage to do what it takes to honor the gifts that we receive to serve life. And the greatest thing about this commitment is that it’s contagious!

When others perceive our dedicated energy they can't but be also inspired to follow this path. And step by step, we join forces as co-creators of a better world. So may this be how we walk through life and more of us can become agents of loving growth. This is my intention with the Authentic Movement SF activities. To help you love who you are, tune into your gifts and talents and explore ways to express them and expand so as to serve and inspire others.

Let's grow happily inside and be contagious outside! warmly, maria

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