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Nurturing Dreams: Cultivating Faith and Self-Compassion

March has been a big, emotional month.

We launched our first expressive arts & self-discovery resource, MarlaGran, a project that we have been working on for the last 3 years.

It all started as an idea, a small seed that has grown to a plant for now, hopefully soon to become a big tree.

A close-up of two female hands gently holding a planter with a blooming plant, symbolizing the nurturing and careful attention required to turn dreams into reality.
Hands of Growth: Nurturing Dreams to Life

Imagine planting a seed, then the next day digging up the ground because the plant has not grown yet.

This is how self-doubt can kill our dreams before they even take form.

Now imagine having a little plant and cutting its leaves because they are not strong or big enough.

This is how self-judgment can destroy our projects before they even grow.

We all experience self-doubt and self-criticism. However, by practicing self-compassion everyday we can also soften their painful, destructive effects. Take care of your dreams and ideas like you would do with anything or anyone you love dearly. Protect them and nourish them. Help them grow. You never know what kind of tree they can evolve into.

In anything we do, there is one force that helps us move on and that is called faith, the trust in the unknown; the trust in the seed that we may not be seeing yet but exists in our dreams and visions; the trust in what we feel is possible; the trust in the impulse that comes from our hearts. This is the trust that I have slowly developed by practicing Authentic Movement and the reason why I believe so much in this practice and want to share it with you.

After all, one thing I learned from this creative journey is that even when the outcome is great, still what matters most is who we become in the process.

May we plant many seeds and bring into life all the plants and trees that make this world a more beautiful place!




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