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Manifest Your Dreams: How to Make a Vision Board ~ An Intuitive & Practical Guide

I love making vision boards. It is a process in which I dedicate time to think of my projects and visions for the new year, and a habit that I developed for the past 8 years.

I am used to having a lot of ideas and making my vision board helps me to connect to my true desires, clarify my intentions, and achieve my goals, as it moves my energy towards action. Because, when you only envision, this idea-dream, still pertains in the realm of imagination where everything is possible but not enough to be realized. On the contrary, when you invest your time to create your vision board, this itself is the first action step towards materialization of your dreams.

A vision board or dream board is usually a collage of images, pictures and affirmations. What I enjoy most in making my dream board is that I combine a conscious intention with the spontaneity of the moment. This creative process naturally integrates both hemispheres of the brain: the rational one that knows what it wants and the creative one that may have a feeling, but not as clear, and is open to the possibilities that appears in the moment.

But now, I do not want to talk about the theory around it. All these years I have experienced in real life the magic of my dreams coming true. That is why I want to share this process with you too. I hope it motivates you into creating your own vision board for next year, as the dreams of your soul deserve to be manifested.

Step 1: Collecting sources of inspiration

You will need magazines that have cool images and quotes to cut and use. My suggestion is to have a variety of themes that will provide you with a diversified way to express your dreams. Pick up magazines that reflect your interests but do not limit yourself to what you know, or you are used to reading. After all you do not need to read the magazines, just cut them. 

I collect mine throughout the year. Every time I see a magazine that for some reason speaks to me, I put it aside for my vision board. For example, as I enjoy travelling, I love to collect the ones that I find on airplanes. They have beautiful pictures and quotes in all the languages I speak. Health, sports, art, travel, home, financial magazines are all good sources of inspiration and you can also find them in places that sell recycled materials. In addition, you may use your own pictures and/or drawings. When collecting your sources of inspiration, listen to your impulses and trust them. Later you will decide whether you will use them or not.

Step 2: Choosing your holding space

To create your dream board, you will need a backdrop, your holding space. 

The size, color, texture depends on you. You may already know what you want. Otherwise, go to an art store and check out the different options that you have. Let what you see choose you. In my beginnings I used to pick one piece of big colored paper for my backdrop. Now, even the backdrop is a collage itself as I combine different pieces of paper with diverse designs and textures. Be as creative as you want and have fun with it. Whatever brings feelings of joy is a good indicator of what you really want, even if your mind may find it ‘childish’. After all, this process is also about connecting to the dreams of your inner child, as these are the holding space of the dreams of your soul. 

Image of a creatively assembled vision board backdrop featuring a collage of papers in blue and red, accented with golden liquid lines, topped with a golden and white heart, symbolizing the layered journey of manifesting dreams.
The Foundation of Dreams: My Personal Vision Board Backdrop, Where Every Piece Tells a Story of Aspiration & Intent

This is the backdrop I created for my last vision board, and turned out to be a collage in itself.

Step 3: Focusing your energy

Choose a date that you will dedicate for your dream board. I personally like to do it on a New Moon, to take advantage of its powerful energy that is optimal for new beginnings to happen. Make it be a date with yourself and your dreams. Prepare your space and avoid distractions by turning off your phone. It will help you to enter the flow of the creative process. You may also use music, candles, diffused oils or whatever else creates for you a sense of contemplation, of sacredness and playfulness. Be aware that you may finish it that day, or not, but that is ok. I normally like to finish what I am starting, and I can spend hours in the creative flow to do so. However, my last vision board took me two weeks to complete. I got so passionate about it that it turned out to be huge. In the making process I realized that I was not just envisioning the next year, but the next 22 years and I needed to be intentional about it. So, I surrendered, and created a vision mural. That said, enjoy the process and let it guide you!

Step 4: Brainstorming your ideas

Once you have your backdrop ready, sit down on your chosen day to go through your sources of inspiration. There may be specific images and quotes that you are looking for and that is ok. But also let your sources talk to you. As you go over them cut any images and quotes that stand out. You do not have to know why, yet. Just cut them. Now, you are slowly refining your sources and creating your archive. Let yourself be surprised from what attracts your attention. You may discover dreams and desires that you were not aware of until now. Embrace them and keep cutting until you feel satisfied.

Step 5: Deciding your dreams

Now that you have your chosen images and quotes it is time to put them together and clarify your dreams. To be more specific and clearer about my dreams, I like to combine the images with affirmations and sentences that I use exactly as I cut them from the magazines or that I create by connecting words/phrases from different quotes. I start by placing the ones that I feel more certain about and slowly I add the ones that get clarified on the way. There is no exact recipe for this process. Make it your own to give birth to your visions.  

Step 6: Affirming your dreams

If you glue your dreams as soon as you cut them, you have already done this step. I prefer to place every piece on the entire board first and then glue each item. It takes more time but gives me the possibility to move around things until I am satisfied with the whole picture. Gluing is about affirming your dreams which can bring many emotions, at least it does for me. Some dreams specifically bring a mixed sense of excitement and nervousness. Breathe through your feelings with each piece of paper that you glue. Let your body feel the emotions that come up by living at that exact moment your dream coming true.

Step 7: Contemplating your vision

Great job!!! Now that your dream board is done, it is important that you decide what to do with your creation. You may prefer to put it away and keep it private. I like to see it every day at a semi-private space. It’s up to you. Listen to your need and treat your board with the appropriate respect. You just achieved the first step towards realizing your dreams. Now keep up the good work and make your visions come true by taking one small step every day.



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