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Trusting the Creative Process: Lessons from a Spider

The vibrant cover and festive interior pages of 'MarlaGran,' showcasing the culmination of a creative journey, inviting readers into a world crafted from heart and imagination.
Celebrating Creativity: The Journey of MarlaGran Unveiled

As we’re getting ready for MarlaGran’s Book Launch Party (my first children’s book) I’ve been thinking a lot about the creative process. And a few nights ago I woke up with the following image in my mind: a spider kneading its thread.

Someone who has never seen a spider and observes what she is doing midway can be totally baffled or even dismissive. After all, what is the point of connecting all the threads? Only at the end can one admire the beauty of the spider’s effort; and if they stay long enough to observe, they can also understand the spider’s true purpose.

Meanwhile, while kneading, the spider never doubts her ability to make her thread and keeps going with much certainty. If something gets in the way, or for any reason her thread gets destroyed, she may need to move to a different place but soon she will get back to making her thread. Of course, the spider couldn’t do otherwise. Her whole existence depends on kneading this thread.

But isn’t this true for the yearnings of our soul? What kind of life are we meant to live when we don’t listen to our heart’s callings? And how would our lives be if we were absolutely certain that we could create anything that our hearts desire?

The only caveat here is that I’m talking about the true desires of our hearts, not the fleeting wants of our egos.

Now more than ever, I am confident that we all have this ‘spider’ inside of us. It’s our inner knowing that is certain of what we desire and what is possible. And it doesn’t need to see the outcome first nor gets discouraged from what others may think or say. The question is not whether we have this inner knowing. That is an absolute. The question is how much we can listen and trust it. And that can be practiced.

And I wish I could say that my creative process has been without any doubts. That’s far from true. However, it’s also true that the more I surrender in the creative process following the guidance of my inner knowing, the easier I trust. And the practice of Authentic Movement facilitates this process in my life. That is why I’m so passionate about creating the space for you to experience it too.

So, in this Loveletter, I have three invitations from my heart to yours.

One is our Authentic Movement Group that starts this Saturday, Feb 25th. The second is our Book Launch Party on Sunday March 26th. Lastly, our Feminine Wholeness Retreat this July in Greece! You can see all the details below.

I truly hope to see you in any of these events. And always remember: the more we trust, the easier it gets!




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