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  • by maria

Overcoming Life's Inertia: Finding the Strength to Keep Going

Image of a resilient seed sprouting through rocky ground, symbolizing the power of persistence and growth against the odds.
Resilience in Bloom: A Seed's Journey Through Adversity, Echoed by the Soul's Unyielding Call to Persevere

You have dreams, desires, work for them to materialize, you try, you give your best, you fail, you succeed.

It's a journey that sometimes flows smoothly, sometimes there are bumps on the road and sometimes everything is just stuck... in these last moments, what keeps you going?

Where do you dig within yourself to find the strength and overcome inner resistance and life's obstacles? What is that inspires you to make the next step?

I really can't count the times I have found myself stuck in this space, in a state of inertia. And somehow, I always find a way to move on and I believe you do too. But what supports me and you, us, in doing so? And how can we cultivate the inner force we need!

Actually, while I am writing you this letter, I am in this state of inertia and at the same time by writing, I am overcoming it... Last month I had to postpone the Female Rainbow Workshop Hera, as for different reasons participants couldn't make it. Hera is the Goddess of Marriage and Commitment and in my understanding is the inner force that helps us commit and stay committed even when difficulties appear. So here I am finding myself with the need to recommit to my vision. Isn't that interesting... and it feels so hard...

To stand back up after falling, to overcome obstacles, to surpass inertia, I guess this is what best describes to have faith...and paradoxically it is what at the same time makes our faith stronger!

It is believing in our self, in our vision, in our strengths, in our calling.

It is becoming co-creators with something that is bigger than us and that helps us to shape and materialize our calling.

Because, every time we re-commit to our soul's calling our faith expands, and we become stronger. Like the plant that grows its roots into the ground, finding its way through the rocks.

And all that said to inspire you in your endeavors, and to motivate me to give the Female Rainbow Workshop:Hera another chance, by listening to myself one more time saying:

The same image of a seed sprouting on rocky ground, now accompanied by the inspiring quote: 'If it is your soul's calling no matter what keep going,' illustrating the indomitable spirit of perseverance.



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