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Embracing Silence: The Path to Presence and Well-being

Every day, every moment we are bombarded with information, data and countless external stimuli that if we let without control, they flood like a tsunami into our experience. And we try to swim through this vast ocean as if we have no life vest; sometimes carried away by the streams; sometimes hardly being able to keep our heads over the water and breathe; searching aimlessly for land to reground ourselves.

A powerful image of a big ocean wave, symbolizing the overwhelming flood of information and stimuli we navigate daily
Navigating the Waves of Life

It is in these times of great uncertainty that we need to make our wellbeing a priority and create more space for us to be in silence, to be in the now. Our life vest is the choices we make. What that looks like in practice? Choose consciously moments in which you turn off your phone, stop watching the news, take a break from people who are carried by the stream, get off work on time, put down the computer screen. In the end, make any choice that helps you reduce your exposure to overwhelming input. Instead, choose something that makes you feel good in the now or do no-thing and feel good about it! Take a walk, have a sunbath, have a bubble bath, lay on bed to just breath, give yourself permission to relax and find joy in the simple things of life. To feel some certainty in this wind whirl world, ask for clarity within, create a space of silence and be in the moment to receive the stream of Well Being that is always accessible to our senses when we make a pause. Our Self always knows what is true for us, what we want, what feels good. Being in silence creates the space to receive that we know. Trusting that we know and use it as our guide is the art of living a fulfilling life. Now, what a fulfilling life looks like? The answer is as unique as each one of us and we can discover it when being in silence.

A serene sandy beach with tranquil waters, where the word 'Peace' is inscribed in the sand, embodying the calm and clarity found in moments of silence.
Tranquility Awaits in Silence

Remember, we can always create the life we want to live in.

Warmly, maria

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