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  • by maria

Listening to Our Bodies: The Path to Healing and Self-Love

Today, I have a quote that I want to share with you, as a moment for reflection. It is a quote by Taya Countryman, a massage therapist, in her article “The client who couldn’t feel pain”.

Inspirational quote by Taya Countryman: 'Our need to control our pain has us doing what we think it needs, instead of asking what it needs,' prompting reflection on our relationship with our bodies.
A Moment for Reflection: Embracing the Wisdom Within

I read this quote again and again and on one hand, it brings more questions than answers, like for example, where does this need to control the body comes from? But on the other hand, intuitively its meaning feels so true. Because in an unexpected way it summarizes the healing journey of loving myself and my body. It brings back to my mind all the negotiations I had to have with my ego in this learning of asking, listening and accepting the real needs of my body, in order to find peace within. As a highly sensitive person, mostly introverted, there are many aspects of mainstream living that my body just can’t afford, even If I would like it to be different. And as a passionate woman I experience strong feelings that are not always welcomed in our socializing norms. Furthermore, the way modern society works, we are all forcing our bodies to adapt in an artificial context that is out of our natural rhythms. So, one thing is what we want our bodies to do and another thing is what our bodies really need. But it is not always easy to surrender our will. To surrender implies that we acknowledge there is something greater than us, and our small ego. And to listen and accept, implies that we are able to trust that this greater force is for our good and as so, it is safe to surrender to its will while at the same time, becoming responsible for our actions; it is not only essential but also safe to listen to our bodies. Now, I firmly believe that being in our body, as any other relationship, is a dialogue in which we shouldn’t just make assumptions. We have to stop, ask and listen to what it needs. To do so, it is essential to create spaces in our everyday lives where this dialogue can happen with respect and compassion, in acknowledgement of that which is greater than us to guide the journey of our souls. Because, after all, our body is the temple of our soul, and in this journey our body is like a partner who is always trying to help us, even when we do not always like it or understand directly how. That is what makes it important to be in a dialogue.

A woman deeply inhaling the scent of white flowers from a bush tree, symbolizing the serene journey of listening to and accepting our body's needs.
Finding Peace in Nature's Embrace

I hope this letter also inspires you to have an open dialogue with your body and ask yourself what it needs to enjoy a more fulfilling life. And if you would like to explore Authentic Movement as a practice that creates space for this dialogue to happen you are welcome to join any of the upcoming activities. It is an honor to share this healing journey with you Thank you for reading! warmly, maria

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