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Embracing Wholeness: The Truth About Connecting to Our Bodies

A woman stands on a rock facing the sea, her back to us, dressed in an earthy gown, hands raised above her head in an open-hearted stance, symbolizing the journey of embracing all aspects of body connection.
Embrace of the Horizon: Open-Hearted Connection

At the beginning of the Explore Authentic Movement Workshop I ask participants to share with the group “What brings you here?”.

One of the reasons that many people express is because they want to connect to their bodies.

It is true, Authentic Movement helps us connect to our bodies. However, what we are not aware of many times is that connecting to our bodies means to connect to all aspects, all that our body holds.

We may want to connect to our bodies because we believe that we will experience a sense of greater wholeness, more pleasure, and fulfillment. However, one of the reasons that many times we disconnect from our bodies is because we have had experiences that are hard to feel, sensations that are uncomfortable to experience and they can feel overwhelming, or we have memories that we just don't want to remember. You may have read the book, “The body keeps the score” or heard the saying that the body remembers everything. That’s actually the case.

So, when we want to connect to our bodies and we create the space to listen to our bodies, like the space of Authentic Movement, it is inevitable that at some point you will connect with all that your body holds, not only the pleasurable, but also the painful and uncomfortable. And that is not to ‘punish’ you.

The body is the sacred vessel for your soul, and it is your soul that wants to be seen through what your body expresses. And our souls always want to be seen in our wholeness; that includes everything. Not only what we ‘like’ or ‘feel good about’ or is ‘positive, but all that our bodies hold, all that our souls hold.

It is going through the uncomfortable aspects and expanding a holding space within your heart, for all your experiences that you will get to enjoy the connection that you are looking for with your body. The Authentic Movement practice is a space to help you discover and expand this loving space in your heart, to face your truth and let your soul be seen in its wholeness.

When we are willing to admit our truth with total acceptance all tension disappears. We do not need to run away anymore from the pain. And though this healing process many times is not at all comfortable, it definitely sets us free.



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