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Exploring the Depths: A Journey Within

As a child, I loved drawing the same thing- a representation of the ocean's depths. Though it remained constant, there was a subtle yet captivating childlike variation each time. I used different shades of blue to portray the water's depth, embellishing it with algae, corals, stones, and a colorful array of fish and sea creatures. The act of drawing this image had a remarkable effect on me. It always brought me a sense of peace and wonder- a state of beingness, as I now understand it.

In retrospect, I recognize that this drawing served as an expression of my inner world, alive and filled with color- a realm within where we perceive ourselves and the world around us.

Image capturing a woman swimming towards the surface in the sea, symbolizing the introspective journey of delving into and emerging from the depths of one's inner world.
Emerging from the Depths: A Journey to the Surface

Still, my rational mind can't help but ask, “what is its purpose?”

And my intuition wisely responds: Like the ocean's unfathomable depths, just because we can't see it doesn't mean it lacks purpose or a reason to exist.

Similarly, our inner world, with its unseen depths, must inherently possess a purpose and a profound reason for being. It is within this hidden landscape that our treasures reside, the very essence of what makes us unique and fundamentally human.

Sometimes, our inner world feels turbulent, causing us to prefer keeping our distance. Other times, the outer world's noise makes it challenging to stay connected to our inner selves.

Hence, it is crucial for our well-being to carve out dedicated time and space in our lives to delve into the depths of our inner world. This enables us to soothe the turbulence within and unearth the invaluable treasures it holds.

Working with kids, I witness the vividness of their inner world becoming alive through their play. It is what I call “Sacred Play” and feels more real to me than the world we inhabit.

Likewise, in the realm of Authentic Movement, I discover solace as a mover, immersing myself in the profound depths of my inner world. As a witness, I am humbled to hold space for the inner realm that emerges through your movements and sounds. In both roles, my heart is nourished, and my soul finds fulfillment. Words and cognitive understanding fade away, and I'm left again with this profound sense of beingness much like when I was a child drawing the ocean. I hope you do too.

Just as the question of why I loved drawing the same thing again and again has no definitive answer, the essence lies in the simple fact that I genuinely loved it. Presently, when I am strong enough to not let the outer world dictate my existence, I am aware that I just love being within the realm of our inner world, within the spaces we collectively create.

The promise to my inner child is that I will keep “drawing the ocean” through my creative adventures. My promise to you is that I will keep creating spaces to delve deep within, into our inner world.

My deep gratitude for your presence and for being a member of the Authentic Movement SF community.




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