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Experience Healing with Curiosity: A Guide to Self-Discovery

Two hands form a heart shape framing the sun during sunset, symbolizing the transformative journey of inner healing and self-discovery through curiosity and the warmth of self-compassion.
Healing Light: Embracing Curiosity and Self-Love

I recently embarked on a transformative journey to Argentina, attending my teacher’s Authentic Movement Retreat as part of my ongoing inner healing process. Central to this process has been the profound work of healing and reparenting my own inner child. 

Simultaneously, I've spent over 20 years working closely with children, a journey that has taught me invaluable lessons about the best ways to approach their questions and create a nurturing space for their self-exploration and healing. These experiences have illuminated the significance of curiosity, not only in our interactions with children but also in our own healing journey.

When we embark on the journey of inner healing, similar to our approach with children, curiosity becomes our superpower. Just as it is helpful to listen to children's questions and statements with an open mind, we can apply the same principle to our own inquiries during the healing process.

Instead of rushing to provide answers or judgments, we can choose curiosity. Why? Because curiosity holds the key to a deeper understanding of ourselves, fostering self-acceptance and growth.

How can we incorporate curiosity into our inner healing journey? It starts with asking ourselves more questions and refraining from self-judgment. In conversations with our inner child it might sound like: “What is happening for you now?” "Tell me more about this feeling", "What do you need right now?" or "What can I do for you?" Ensure your questions carry the intention of curiosity without self-criticism. Then open your heart to listen and use the comforting words that your heart needs to hear.

By infusing curiosity into exploring your inner world, you nurture the flame of self-discovery. This approach creates a safe space for your inner child to express emotions, thoughts, and perceptions without fear. Be genuinely curious about your own mind, emotions, and experiences. Forget about being the expert or the judge; become the eager explorer of your inner landscape. In doing so, you might uncover a whole new perspective on your healing journey. In return, your inner child feels seen, heard, understood, accepted, and loved. Embrace the gift of your curiosity while exploring your inner healing process, and witness the miracles of self-transformation. Curiosity truly is your superpower.

May we approach the New Year with the power of curiosity!



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