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  • by maria

Returning to Your True Self: The Journey of Unlearning and Finding Yourself

Inspirational quote emphasizing the journey of self-discovery not as finding but returning to your true self, shedding layers of cultural conditioning and external influences to uncover the authentic you.
Rediscovering the Essence: Unearthing the True Self Beyond the Layers of Life's Imprints.

Last Sunday I came back from Argentina where I traveled to participate at the Authentic Movement seminar that my teacher organizes every year. For 4 days I had the opportunity to emerge myself intensely in this practice, finding personal healing by liberating inner child wounds and connecting to sources of inner strength that we all share through the collective unconscious. After every experience in Authentic Movement I feel a step closer to my true self, but as much as I would like to be more specific, I still struggle to find the 'right' words and share with you about it. That has always been my big challenge; how to express the beauty and depth of the inner world and its symbols that become alive in gestures and movements, images and feelings, which may appear meaningless to our rational thinking and cultural conditioning, but are totally meaningful to our souls as a way to 'find ourselves'. And even more, to do so in English, that is not my maternal language as Greek is, nor Spanish, the language I was reborn symbolically. However, I have faith that words will come at the right moment. An embodied experience just needs time to be processed and cultivate its meaning and power before we encapsulate it in words. And one thing I am totally certain after my trip, is that my path is to keep alive the Authentic Movement practice while enriching it with my personality, experience and knowledge. Because Authentic Movement is a practice beyond words that can help us return to our true selves, and is the one practice I love the most to share with you. After all, with words or without, may we all make every day steps to return to ourselves and better serve our beautiful Gaia. Thank you for being part of this healing journey! warmly, maria

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