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  • by maria

New Moon Reflections: Embracing Patience and Stillness for Personal Growth

Today is new moon, a good time to define your intentions and desires. Soon I will share in a more detailed way about how you can use the powerful energy of the new moon to achieve your inner and outer goals.

For now, one of my intentions is to share with you more of the introspection tools that have helped me in my own healing journey.

Below is a recent inspirational quote that came to me at a moment that I was feeling very impatient with my own goals...Hope it serves you too!

Inspirational quote on a yellow background painted to resemble sunlights, symbolizing the new moon's energy for setting intentions and personal transformation.
Embrace the New Moon: A moment of patience and stillness illuminates the path to growth. Let these words guide you through the lunar cycle.

warmly, maria

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