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Welcoming 2020: Reflections and Wishes for a Year of Growth and Love

The new year is coming, and I feel a lack of words and inspiration to share now something ‘motivational’ with you.

Winter invites me to hibernate.

I love having quality time under the covers of my bed, being in silence, feeling the warmth. doing NO-thing.

It has been a much-needed-time-space of regeneration. Especially since 2019 was for me, I think for the world, and perhaps for you too, an emotional rollercoaster.

However, I trust that in our resting, inspiration and motivation are still there. They get slowly recharged to become activated again with much more strength and determination.

Nature is always wise in making the most out of her cycles with respect for what we can see and for that which is invisible to the eye. I believe this to be true for our growth too.

And for that what I would like to share with you now are my best wishes for 2020:

Three glowing candles casting a warm light, accompanied by a heartfelt quote expressing wishes for natural beauty, embodied wisdom, and true love in the new year.
Illuminating the Path Forward: My Wishes for a Year Filled with Beauty, Wisdom, and Love

In our appearance may we reveal natural beauty.

In our mind may we reflect upon embodied wisdom.

In our heart may we radiate true love.

Happy New Year!




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