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Embracing Your Feminine Essence: A Journey to Self-Love and Wholeness

Have you ever wondered what the power of a flower is? Just looking or smelling at them opens up your heart. When you let in their beauty for a moment, you can forget all your troubles, and suddenly, you are just present in this exact moment. What is more powerful than that? A force that cracks your heart open and brings you into your beingness where there is nothing to prove, nothing to achieve; you are just worthy to exist. This is the power of the feminine essence. Soft and irresistible that permeates your being. And I could never imagine a world without flowers.

However, how many women do we recognize this force within us?

A woman deeply inhaling the scent of a flower, symbolizing the journey to embracing feminine essence and self-love.
A Journey to Femininity: The Power of Nature's Essence

As a girl, I used to want to do anything a boy would do because I could not feel worthy in my own skin. I wanted to be free, strong, and important like I thought a boy was.

As a teen, I used to despise anything related to women, the color pink, flowers, dresses, essential oils, and anything that nowadays connects me to my sensuality. I used to have only men as friends. I would see other women as weak or as my competitors. I used to get angry a lot at my mother. I would look down on her and many of the women around me. I wished I had been born a boy. 

As a young adult, I used to see being a woman as a weakness. I used to consider expressing my feelings and being vulnerable as a weakness. I used to present to the world always a face that was happy and strong, and then, on my own, I would spend hours crying or depressed or eating and purging. 

Still, I could never admit my struggle. Instead, I put on my independent hat and traveled the world alone. I left my home country and family almost without money or certainty and without a man by my side. I met many new people, but the feeling of loneliness haunted me.

Running from my pain was never the answer. Wanting to be someone I wasn't was never the solution. The healing began only when I found the courage to turn toward my own heart. 

The journey back to myself wasn't about finding something new but embracing the nurturing essence that had always been within me, to appreciate just being without the need for external validation.

Embracing my inner feminine was like returning to a home I never knew I'd left. This journey back home has been about self-love and acceptance, from soothing the little girl within to fully stepping into my sensual womanhood. It's about honoring our vulnerabilities and strengths, transforming pain into joy and sensuality. 

Healing and connecting with our feminine essence is an ever-evolving journey. With each layer peeled back, we discover new depths of our being, new realms of strength and vulnerability. This journey is a lifetime exploration, inviting us to dive into the infinite ocean of our essence. 

May this Love Letter gently remind us of the unyielding strength and beauty that resides within our feminine essence. Like the enduring bloom of a flower, may we continue to open our hearts to the soft yet formidable power of our inner selves. Embrace this journey of feminine wholeness with grace and courage, for we find the most profound form of liberation and joy by connecting deeply with our authentic selves.

And for those who celebrate, Happy Easter. 🌷



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