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Embodying Femininity: A Journey in Greece

As the gentle breeze of June caresses our bodies, I write to you from the captivating beauty of my home, Greece, where I have been immersed in the radiant embrace of the Mediterranean Sea. In this awe-inspiring land, I have been marveling at the feminine essence that permeates every corner, every sun-kissed coastline, and every ancient cobblestone.

And now, I stand on the threshold of a week that I have been preparing for the last 2 years. I am bursting with joy to announce our upcoming Feminine Wholeness Retreat taking place this July 2nd to July 8th in Paros. I have been lovingly crafting this retreat to guide women through a sacred exploration of embodiment, self-discovery, and self-love. Through empowering workshops with the Greek Goddess archetypes, rejuvenating embodiment practices, and heart-centered connections, we will plunge into the very essence of our femininity. You can join us from afar by following my Instagram page, where I will be posting reels from our week together.

Close-up of a woman deeply inhaling the scent of a flower, with a rainbow gracing her face, symbolizing the diverse and rich nature of femininity.
Embracing Multifaceted Femininity

Our transformative expedition doesn't stop there! I am thrilled to present to you the Pause Power Challenge commencing on July 17th and continuing until July 21st. In this swiftly whirling digital world, it is vital that we discover moments of respite and reconnection with ourselves. This challenge invites you to unplug from technology for a mere 15 minutes each day, allowing yourself to bask in stillness. Within these fleeting moments of tranquility, we hope to reveal the true power that lies in consciously creating space for self-care and self-reflection.

With heartfelt sincerity, I extend this invitation to each and every one of you to partake in these transformative experiences. Whether you choose to join me in Paros for the Feminine Wholeness Retreat or immerse yourself in the Pause Power Challenge, my aim is to wholeheartedly support you on your journey.

I express my deepest gratitude for your presence and engagement within our beloved community. Your unwavering support fuels my inspiration. Together, let us embrace the beauty of Summer!




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