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Disconnecting to reconnect...with the beauty of Greece

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

It has been some time I haven't written a blogpost. As you may now I traveled to Greece, to visit my family and have a break. However, visiting family is not always a vacation so I also take care to take some time just for myself. This summer I traveled to the beautiful island of Paros. I went to visit the retreat center where I am hosting the Female Rainbow Retreat next year. I wanted to gain a better feeling of the space , and be inspired to plan our experience together for next summer. When I travel alone I like to disconnect from everything for a, social media, routines, schedules, even friends and family... to recenter and reground in myself. The beauty of Greece, its yummy food, the calming sounds of nature, and the rejuvenating sea makes it easy to do so! And to be honest, I am still coming back from such a break and slowly adjusting to life here in the US. Soon I will be writing again, but meanwhile I want to take a moment to let you know about the Introductory Workshop that is coming up on September 7 and share with you some of the beauty of Greece in photos. Hope you enjoy them! warmly, maria

Walking street in the heart of the mountain village Lefkes

The port of Naousa during sunset.

Ms Maria who prepares the best traditional pastry on the island

Walking street in the heart of the mountain village Lefkes

The beautiful blue waters of beach Kolimbithres

The rooms I stayed at Okreblue, the retreat center

The yoga studio where we can also have our activities next year.

Swimming during sunrise, at the beach that is right across the Retreat Center

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