Being Art is my Life

My origins...

My birth certificate verifies that I was born in 1981, Thessaloniki, Greece.

However, after living in Argentina I could swear that mi alma es Latinx.

And nevertheless, I am convinced that the essence of my soul has been around since eternity and its roots reach the core of the earth, our lovely Gaia, la Terra.

I also believe that our world is a healing place and I am here to explore, to enjoy, to relate, to share, to communicate, and by doing so I grow, I heal and I evolve in my conscience, the only authentic progress that we can achieve as human species. 

The little one who you see in the picture is the part of me that keeps me Alive; the part that finds joy and excitement in the simple pleasures of life and is curious to discover, learn and appreciate.


And to be honest, I absolutely need to love and to be loved, to play and to create otherwise nothing else makes much sense to me.


After all,  my journey, who I am and who I become is always a live art in progress and it wouldn't have been possible without the presence and support of ALL of you in my life.