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My mission in this life is...

to express, embody and honor the beauty and grace of life in its paradoxical nature first through my being, and then through my doing at work, my art, and in every day life.

As a play-art-terra-pist@ I am here to help you find the signs that guide your soul; to inspire you to own your life and to follow your heart so as to live plenty by being who you are and by doing what your essence whispers you to do.

As an interdisciplinary artist I dive into my inner impulses and from there I move, I sound, I touch, I think, and I create simple performative acts as an invitation to the imaginary through embodied experiences that provide an all-time-in-between space, where playfulness meet sacredness and vice versa.


In my everyday life, far from being perfect, I try to make my bed every day and I challenge myself every moment to be real in my relationships and present in my actions. I have a big heart and when I don't get trapped into my mind, I live to bring joy, presence, silliness, realness, a genuine smile and warm hugs wherever I am.

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