Authentic Movement as a Collective Exploration on

Empathy, Presence, Realness & Vulnerability 

A Challenge of Being | Authentic Movement as a Collective Exploration

How vulnerable is to be real? What prevents us from being authentic? 

What is the challenge to be present for another? How can we empathize with the uncomfortable?

Within a simple and respectful structure, that is based on my practice of Authentic Movement, I let myself dive into the depths of the subconscious, to move and be moved. I have no intention to entertain you. I challenge myself to be wholeheartedly real at your presence, and I challenge you to be my active witnesses; because “the soul cannot exist without its other side, which is always found in a ‘You’”

(Jung, 1954). I surrender to the unknown and You become the owners of your experience. I follow my inner impulses and You have the free will to just witness or to participate by ‘making special’.

In any case, we are all co-creators of this collective Alive exploration.

Some experiences are hard to describe with words but this is what participants say about the experience:

"At the Red Poppy I got to experience art in a way that exists rarely in San Francisco now, but it is what I have always loved about this city. Very experimental. Yay"


"looking at the authenticity of being from a different perspective was very exciting and calming"


"It is necessary to keep spaces for these manifestations/confessions/ideas...Thanks for the love and commitment to your own experience that opens a gate to new possibilities of perceiving life."


"So thankful to arrive to this place by being in this challenge. It's beautiful and makes my heart feel embraced to be able to have spaces like this where personal practices, thoughts, experiences, resonate in the people that walked by. Thanks for the experience."


"A moment to share with my community. A break of the day."


"Maria is creating new possibilities of connecting and communicating. It is so beautiful to transcend the idea of showing ourselves as we would like to be seen and instead, open our hearts to be seen as other needs to see us, in order to create a healthier relationship with the observer. Each person in the room is responsible of their perspective and interpretation of life itself."



"Maria, thanks for the evening! What stuck with me most was about vulnerability and trust. The concept of the evening felt like a big display of both of these from your side and I felt honored by that, and also as an invitation, by extension."



"Thanks for the evening! It was a very powerful experience for me, and I'm sorry I can't put much of it in words. I went from a place of agitation and discomfort to a place of comfort and open possibilities. There was just more room for all my junk, as opposed to before - where my junk was making me very uncomfortable. At the end it felt like everything was ok." 

Red Poppy Art House