If you can move, we can dance
If you can sound, we can sing
If you can think, we can write
If you can touch, we can draw
If you can play, we can perform
If you can imagine, we can act 
and transform the world

Making Special

For me, art making or 'making special' refers to any action that involves

  • an embodied presence in the here & now

  • a playful attitude

  • a let go of my rationale to enter the world of mystery. 


By making special we discover ourself, we experience and transform the world and we are transformed! 


That is why I am here to advocate for:

- the priceless value of play, imagination, expression,

  and creativity in our everyday lives, at ALL ages.

- our right to be seen and recognized with dignity for 

  who we truly are within all spectrum of our humanity

- our right to pleasure and respect in all aspects of life.



When I play and/or make art, I can reach my essence and experience my wholeness in the emptiness, in relationship; I can step into the all-time-in-between-space where connection and healing is possible.


My creations have always been hand to hand to my soul search and growth.

They reflect inquires, doubts, dreams and insights.

They reveal struggles, conflicts, surrender and transformation. 

Some of my art is 'childlike', some of it for 'grown ups'

some of it is 'homemade', some of it 'professional',

some of it is spontaneous, some of it intentional and rehearsed,

some of it complete, some of it in process.

No matter how I create, I am proud of every attempt to explore

the entire spectrum of our humanness  and to communicate

the beauty of our existence and the mystery of life.